Bechdel Fest 5
Now in its fifth year, our BECHDEL FEST features an all female-identifying cast performing eight new short plays passing the now-famous Bechdel-Wallace Test. Created by cartoonist Alison Bechdel, “the Test” asks whether a work of entertainment features at least two women in conversation about something other than a man. Bechdel Fest: Identity Crisis follows an array of diverse and powerful women wrestling with the questions that define them and fighting for the world to see them as they are. Join us for the fifth iteration of our favorite feminist festival!

The festival ran September 10th – 13th, 2017 at The Den Theater.

Project Potential
by Isaac Gomez | Directed by Laura Alcalá Baker
A struggling high school teacher considers participating in a life-altering new program.
Featuring Phoebe Gonzalez and Erica Cruz Hernández

The You You Hear
by Georgette Kelly | Directed by Jen Poulin*
As their separation approaches, a pair of almost-lovers ponder questions of love, language and identity.
Featuring Rachel Geistfeld and Arielle Leverett

by Cassandra Rose | Directed by Gaby Labotka
Meet Alex. Every morning, she wakes up in a different person’s body…and every night, someone is finding her and killing her.
Featuring Elizabeth Dowling, Terri Lynn Hudson, Bessie Solno and Kristen Sudman

Ready Set
by Eileen Tull | Directed by Anne Walaszek
While a bridal shower rages downstairs, the bride’s sister hides upstairs, contending with the uncertain results of a pregnancy test.
Featuring Bailey Hayman, Victoria Hines, Adrienne Matzen, and Tricia Rogers

Hear Me Roar
by Jennifer Blackmer* | Directed by Elyse Dolan
In 1972, three generations of women sort out what this brave new world means for them the morning after the Equal Rights Amendment has passed.
Featuring Tricia Rogers, Julia Skeggs, and Maria Stephens

by Martin Hanna | Directed by Sonny Das
Two Syrian sisters living in Chicago struggle to reconcile their wildly different views of home, culture and family at the outset of a dinner party.
Co-starring Ashely Agbay, Rachel Sepiashvili and Mimi Reininga

Ropa Vieja
by Nelson Rodriguez | Directed by Juan Castañeda
In the wake of a family funeral, an estranged daughter attempts to bridge the new life she’s built for herself and the family (and faith) that once cast her aside.
Featuring Angelica Acebedo-Frint, Isabel Quintero, and Deanalis Resto

by Cynthia Hines | Directed by JD Caudill
A former army photographer comes back to Chicago to live with her sister, while still grappling with the ghosts of war that followed her home.
Featuring Echaka Agba, LaKecia Harris, and Arielle Leverett,
with Matt Singleton serving as Fight Choreographer
*BNT company member or resident artist

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