Meet the New First Timers

As My First Time: The Remount heads into its second extension (!!!) through December 19th, the show has a few new folks jumping into bed.

While the remount’s original cast – company members Spenser Davis and Elise Spoerlein, and guest artists Jovan King and Teresa Kuruvilla – will remain on board through the end of the year, a new team of understudies will be *ahem* behind them, ready to dive in when necessary. Guest artists Travis Delgado and Rebecca Flores will be understudying Man #1 and Woman #1, respectively, with company members David Weiss and Leslie Ruettiger rounding out the B-squad.

Alyson Paige Kulin takes over as the production’s Stage Manager, with Jessica Threadgill locked in to assist.

My First Time runs every Friday at 11 pm at Greenhouse Theater Center. Tickets are available here. Student and industry rates are available.


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